We provide an optimal round-the-clock laser cutting service for tubes:

Be it tubes up to a length of 7.5 meters or small bore thin-walled tubes – cuts from round, square, oval and rectangular sections are possible in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Even in XXL sizes.

We also use the TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber, a world first.
It guarantees exceptionally productive machining of light gauge materials and stands for absolute process reliability and a consistently high quality of parts. We can machine structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum and nonferrous metals.  

The usual sawing, drilling, punching, milling and deburring of round and shaped tubes have been replaced by laser technology – obviating the need for most finishing processes at the same time.

A real highlight: angular cuts up to 45°. 
Miters are made for a precision fit. This application has a very favorable effect on economic further processing, e.g. preparing weld seams, countersinks and chamfers.  

Machining facilities are: Tube inserts, tube designs, caps, end tips, plug-in connectors, angular connectors, connecting different tubular sections and much more …  

If required, our roto-finishing and ultrasonic cleaning facilities enable us to supply clean, burr-free parts.

Finally, our design office is equipped with a specially adapted 3D CAD tube design program. We would be happy to advise you personally and optimize the machining processes of the required components.

  • Raw material lengths from 2.500 to 9.150 mm
    (automatic loading)
  • Finished part lengths up to 7.500 mm
    (automatic unloading up to 6.000 mm)
  • Min. remaining tube length 141 mm
  • Min. diameter 15 mm
    (rectangular tube: min. side length 15 x 15 mm)
  • Enveloping circle diameter up to 254 mm
  • Laser power 3,6 kW
  • Open sections

    • Max. workpiece weight
      (raw material) 225 kg
    • Max. workpiece weight
      (finished product, output station) 25 kg/m
    • Oxide-free stainless steel machining
    • Scale-free cut edges possible